Ink on Watercolour Paper.

21cm x 29cm

She fears the sun will follow her if she goes outside.
Praying in futility, she begs the sun to stop following her,
to which it replies “no; you have no virtue.”

Careful to avoid Robert’s house,
she anxiously wanders the neighbourhood,
only to end up feeding birds at the park,
and later,
desperately trying to find peace between the pews of the local Church.

She sees blood oozing from under the bathroom door when her husband uses the shower.
Shouting his name while knocking in a state of panic,
she is told that nothing is wrong.

With blood drenched bitumen under us,
she asks to navigate because “everything is red”
reassuring herself that the white roads she chooses are a reflection of her goodness.

We share the highway with departed souls.
Gazing over the dashboard, out the windows and in the rear view mirror,
their faces return menacing stares.

Sweating nervously,
she turns
and says
“I’d like to go home now.”

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